Air Max 1. A tribute, a punt.

'Im the young upstart son of the Pompidou Centre, en Paris. Born in 1987, I've been kicking it worldwide ever since'

I'm still waiting for the email from an art director working on a Nike campaign to get in touch with a commission. Since it hasn't happened yet I thought 'if the mountain won't come to muhammad...' and decided to art direct myself.

I conducted some research and found out that the Nike Air Max 1 (possibly my favourite shoe of all time) was actually designed back in 1987 by an architect, Tinker Hatfield. He says his inspiration for the classic design was highly influenced on a trip to Paris by the Pompidou Centre. Check out the video below

So that provided the reference point for the copy that I wrote and then illustrated.

All I need now is for you to help me share this around and around and eventually it might end up in front of the eyes of someone who can use it...
Watch this space.