Nuts - Updated

As you might remember, a short while ago I wrote a brief post on the editorial work I did for the Nuts Sex Survey 2013. Since I originally posted I realised that I never actually posted any photos of the piece in real life. With that in mind, what follows below is not super new work, but new photos at least!

Oh, and check out the sexy way the editorial guys credited me for the work...haha


This piece, as you might have seen from my Instagram feed, has been developing over the last few weeks. At one point there was a black watercolour wash on the background which sadly really wasn't what I was hoping for.  So now you can enjoy the type treatment free from distractions!!

What things we have to imagine...


Yesterday I dusted off the old paint and brushes for the first time this year and decided to play. I must admit, it's great when you have client work to do every day, but on occasions when you have a little more spare time it's so important to have the opportunity to experiment a bit - it's these experiments and trials that eventually filter into your 'practice'.
I tried a variety of things yesterday with the old paintbrush, this was the most successful.

It's Playtime!!