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I'm pleased to announce that from today I've launched a new website and blog all under one roof so I'll no longer be posting here. Please click through the link above to access my updated website and blog.

See you there :)

Live Lettering for Type Tasting @ the V&A for the London Design Festival 2013

With the London Design Festival 2013 soon to begin and the first ever graphic design focussed weekend and selection of events ahead I though now would be a good time to mention that I'll be doing some lettering 'live' on Saturday 14th September at the V&A .
Sarah Hyndman is the brains behind Type Tasting who run typography workshops on various themes to 'take participants back to their creative roots through play and exploration'. For the London Design Festival Sarah has curated an exhibition of typographic responses to the theme of 'London' and will be hosting two days of typography workshops on the 14th and 15th September respectively  - On the 14th september I'll be there 'live lettering' and documenting the day as it happens.
The workshops are open to all so feel free to drop in and get involved

Art V Cancer

I'm really pleased to say that I was selected to be a part of this years' Art V Cancer exhibition 'Bending Time and Space'. My Print is inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure -

Art V Cancer are a fantastic organisation -

"Art V Cancer is run by Chris Thornley (aka Raid71) & Julia Hall.
A couple of years ago our life, and our family's lives were turned completely upside down when Chris was diagnosed with a very rare incurable non hodgkins lymphoma at the age of 37.
The first thing we thought of is death, cancer = death. But having lived for these years with cancer the first thing we can say is cancer doesn't mean the inevitable; We soon discovered that there are over 200 different types of cancer and that most cancers are treatable, manageable and in some cases curable. More and more people can survive cancer but there is still a long way to go.
By buying a poster from Art V Cancer, we promise to donate a large proportion of our profits which equates to at least £10/$15 per print to Cancer Charities (only a small amount will be used to cover costs of running/developing Art V Cancer).

My Print is inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure - Here is the original trailer

The print will be released in a limited run of 10 Giclee prints so you've only got 10 chances to get one.
The print show opens on Friday 30th August at 2022NQ in Manchester with prints being available for sale via the Art V Cancer website the following afternoon.

Fresh Organic Veg - Simply Fresh E2

Last Saturday I was asked to pay a late night visit to the E2 branch of the local supermarket Simply Fresh, after hours, to do a spot of window painting. Naturally I was happy to do it, not just because it was a nice little job, but also because they said I could help myself to a couple beers from the fridge as I went along -  so like supermarket sweep, kinda...

It was really fun and here are the pictures - all free-hand of course. If you have a premises that might like some hand-painted typographic adornment then get in touch :)

Air Max 1. A tribute, a punt.

'Im the young upstart son of the Pompidou Centre, en Paris. Born in 1987, I've been kicking it worldwide ever since'

I'm still waiting for the email from an art director working on a Nike campaign to get in touch with a commission. Since it hasn't happened yet I thought 'if the mountain won't come to muhammad...' and decided to art direct myself.

I conducted some research and found out that the Nike Air Max 1 (possibly my favourite shoe of all time) was actually designed back in 1987 by an architect, Tinker Hatfield. He says his inspiration for the classic design was highly influenced on a trip to Paris by the Pompidou Centre. Check out the video below

So that provided the reference point for the copy that I wrote and then illustrated.

All I need now is for you to help me share this around and around and eventually it might end up in front of the eyes of someone who can use it...
Watch this space.

Palm Therapies

I don't tend to do too many logos - but I have done a couple recently. This one was my favourite - fully drawn by hand hence the odd 'wonk' here and there!
 My client seemed pretty happy and as ever I'm looking forward to seeing it used broadly across her entire brand as she progresses with her new venture. 
My client seemed pretty happy and as ever I'm looking forward to seeing it used broadly across her entire brand as she progresses with her new venture. 

Clock - Manifesto

A short while ago now I was contacted by digital agency Clock with an idea to create some kind of hand-lettered manifesto for their internal brand guidelines. This seems to be quite a popular desire for many types of company these days. I've worked on several projects already for other clients where the brief was exactly this - personal internal branding. 

We all know that businesses spend thousands, millions every year on promoting themselves to their peers, their industry and most importantly their clients and potential customers. This current idea that reflecting that approach back into the organisation is a good one as far as I'm concerned. I've always liked a good manifesto

Know your knives

Have you ever wondered what all the different knives are actually called?
Nope, me neither, not until just recently anyway. I was trying out a new recipe and it was very specific with its instruction on correct use of implement as well as ingredient.
The food turned out OK (not my best) but for future reference, this is whats' hiding inside the knife block in your kitchen.

Auto. Correct? #1. When...

First in my new series of hand-lettered artworks taken from Google's Autocomplete function.
This week, 'When...will the world end'

Nuts - Updated

As you might remember, a short while ago I wrote a brief post on the editorial work I did for the Nuts Sex Survey 2013. Since I originally posted I realised that I never actually posted any photos of the piece in real life. With that in mind, what follows below is not super new work, but new photos at least!

Oh, and check out the sexy way the editorial guys credited me for the work...haha


This piece, as you might have seen from my Instagram feed, has been developing over the last few weeks. At one point there was a black watercolour wash on the background which sadly really wasn't what I was hoping for.  So now you can enjoy the type treatment free from distractions!!

What things we have to imagine...


Yesterday I dusted off the old paint and brushes for the first time this year and decided to play. I must admit, it's great when you have client work to do every day, but on occasions when you have a little more spare time it's so important to have the opportunity to experiment a bit - it's these experiments and trials that eventually filter into your 'practice'.
I tried a variety of things yesterday with the old paintbrush, this was the most successful.

It's Playtime!!

A heart on a sleeve - 2.0

Since I authored this phrase (actually true!) and I still like it, I decided to hand-letter it again differently. I might even get a simple version of this written on my skin - anyway, I digress. Here is version 2.0


Guardian Sustainable Business

You may have seen not long ago from my website and on twitter that I was recently fortunate to be asked by the folk over at the Guardian, as part of their Sustainable Business team, to make a fully hand-lettered A2 poster for them to send out to their business subscribers. Great fun!

The idea of the poster is that the team at the Guardian asked their subscribers to submit their  new years resolutions for sustainable business over the coming 12 months. The team selected the best 10 suggestions and sent them over to me to draw.


NUTS Sex Survey 2013

I was asked last week by the guys over at Nuts Magazine whether I'd be able to work with them on special project - Their annual Sex Survey. I'm really pleased to have been able to get involved with the project. The final result was two double-page spreads of hand-lettered sexy content all cleverly shaped to spell out the letters S  E  X.