Wedding Type

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two good friends of mine, Tom and Sophie. I was really happy to be able join them on their special day - truly they looked so very happy and excited about the future, as they should be :)

As part of their wedding prep I was asked by the guys to produce a selection of hand-drawn type for the table names on the big day. The plan was that each table would be named after a famous artist that the couple loved and i would produce a unique typographic drawing of each name paying reference to the work of each artist.

I was given a Green, Orange and Yellow colour palette.

Quite an enjoyable challenge. Below are a selection of my favourites.

Anish Kapoor

Piet Mondrian

David Hockney

Wassily Kandinsky

A little snap of the table names also being used on bunting in the entrance to the marquee
Notice the lovely red type underneath - yep, that's my Welco font!!

Congratulations to Tom and Soph xx