Hand Lettering for Tate and Lyle and BergHind Joseph

Hi all,

I've spoken several times recently on here and on Twitter about projects I've been doing recently that I couldn't show you. The good news is that I can now finally show you one of them, and it's a biggy!
Back in April, I was contacted by a fantastic creative communications agency called BergHind Joseph who were working with Tate & Lyle on a large print project . Essentially the brief was to hand-letter a selection of posters for the client expressing key brand messages. Once we had successfully designed and styled the lettering for the UK versions, it was then necessary, working with translators, to re-draw the type in different languages but with the same treatment for the same phrases of sentences. In total I hand-lettered in 12 different languages on over 90 different posters as well as doodling other drawn elements throughout.

Translating from English came out very differently in the various different languages meaning in some cases we had to fit a lot more letters into the same amount of space and in other cases the phrasing was completely different meaning more drastic changes to the layout.

This was a really enjoyable project to be involved in. I was working in-house throughout the process so I got to work closely with the guys at BergHind Joseph who were a fine bunch of ladies and gentlemen and very passionate about what they do!