Promotional Prints - East End Sports Day

Well I've finally had the time to get some decent promo stuff printed and this is what it looks like!

Printed in a limited batch run of 100 double sided on A3 paper. Will you get one??

Stickerbomb Letters

For those of you who follow me on twitter this will old news, but for those who don't here is a little peek of Stickerbomb Letters. It's a whole book of peelable sticky stickers for you to go out and plaster your neighbourhood/flat/bike/etc.

As you'll see above, I am in this book alongside a load of other talented boys and girls who draw stuff.

I apologise for the low quality photos but I gave my promo copy away to a client and I haven't got around to replacing it yet.

You could pop over to Laurence King Publishing and buy one here if you want.

I should also big up Studio Rarekwai who put he whole thing together - nice work one and all.
Now let's get sticking.......

Modern Vintage Illustration

A little update for you today - my work has been featured in a lovely book called 'Modern Vintage Illustration'

According to the publishers Barnes and Noble

'Past is prologue in this stunning survey of vintage-inspired illustrations that employ classic styles of artistic expression for up-to-date effects. Organized by historical or cultural period, the book features hundreds of modern retro images, including pieces that incorporate the geometric beauty of Art Deco, the bold architectural lines of Soviet constructivist posters, and the graphic design of Blue Note's record sleeves. There are new perspectives on photorealism, comic art, and punk, as well. Hundreds of artists have contributed to this witty, exciting, and international collection.'

So there you go. Why not buy and try to find my images.....ha.