HSJ - Cover

Hello blog followers,

Another little update from me. I've been mad busy again of late so I havn't posted that often. As ever, some of the work is still pending release so I'll pop that stuff up on here as and when I can. I'm just about to start a new exciting project as well, more on that another time.

For now, here is a little something I made a week or so ago. VERY quick turn around alongside several other jobs - it was hectic! But the final result was OK I think. I'll just add that on this brief I tried to pitch an illustration based upon the board game Operation!, sadly the other rough was chosen. Worth a try though right? Maybe I'll post the other rough at some point, anyway here is the cover I did for the HSJ - Health Service Journal.

Cash for gold medals - what happens after the olympics?

So as you may notice I've been thinking about the London Olympics quite a bit of late. Aside from the actual sports (very excited about the cycling!!) there really is a lot to think about.

This piece is focused more on the economic implications of the event to both the athletes from around the world taking part and the areas of London it will be held in.

My Olympic Re-brand

Now firstly let me be clear.
This is not another angry visual moan about the much maligned London Olympic logo. I actually quite like it. My only gripe in that context so far is that the 'merch' providers have yet to offer a T-shirt with the standard logo on it in the original magenta form. I would buy this and, yes, I would wear it.

What this is though is an attempt to make us folk living in the Olympic boroughs feel a bit more connected to the actual events. Let's face it, none of us have tickets to see any of the official events, and yet this summer we will have to obtain tickets to enter one of our regular sunny day hostspots (Victoria Park) for the privilege of any kind of crowd atmosphere as we watch the games on a screen - lets hope we don't also lose the right to bring our own beer.......

It is an exciting event, I'm sure there will be a 'buzz' about Hackney, where I live, and in spite of a bit of upheaval, hopefully we can all get into the spirit a bit - lets also hope that the local businesses can cash in on the extra tourism.

This then, is for us.