British Heart Foundation - Magpie Studios

A while ago I was asked by the fantastic Magpie Studios whether I'd like to work on a project for the British Heart Foundation. I was, of course, keen to work with a really important charity and the project was great.
I was asked to illustrate and letter the phrase 'Rock and Roll'. The illustration was then printed onto a baby grow for a photoshoot.

Birthday card experiment

You might've recently seen the festive Christmas card that i recently released and which is now available to buy in my online store. The style was quite painterly, and whilst I had the brushes and paints out I decided to do another :)

Keep an eye out for it in the new year!

Jolly holi days...

Hi all,

Just a very brief post today - I'm ill, but I'm battling through it!
I've just launched what is actually my first ever Christmas Card. I've always avoided doing one before because I didn't want to draw all those obvious snowmen and presents etc but this year I figured I'd have a go. Here it is

They're available now here -

Hackney Empire

This is a picture I drew of the Hackney Empire at night. Just because I wanted to.

Wedding Type

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two good friends of mine, Tom and Sophie. I was really happy to be able join them on their special day - truly they looked so very happy and excited about the future, as they should be :)

As part of their wedding prep I was asked by the guys to produce a selection of hand-drawn type for the table names on the big day. The plan was that each table would be named after a famous artist that the couple loved and i would produce a unique typographic drawing of each name paying reference to the work of each artist.

I was given a Green, Orange and Yellow colour palette.

Quite an enjoyable challenge. Below are a selection of my favourites.

Anish Kapoor

Piet Mondrian

David Hockney

Wassily Kandinsky

A little snap of the table names also being used on bunting in the entrance to the marquee
Notice the lovely red type underneath - yep, that's my Welco font!!

Congratulations to Tom and Soph xx

Photobooth Festival - Boothnation and Seamus Ryan

Another quick update from me today whilst I bask in the luxury of broadband ( I'm awaiting installation in my new studio ) this is a project I recently completed working with the fantastic portrait photographer Seamus Ryan and Boothnation. A fun project all round, I sent them over the main image and the background and let them add on the necessary details so i got just to concentrate on the rolling hills, unique photobooths and header type. Nice :)

Find out more about the event or Boothnation here

or visit Seamus Ryan


Hand Lettering for Tate and Lyle and BergHind Joseph

Hi all,

I've spoken several times recently on here and on Twitter about projects I've been doing recently that I couldn't show you. The good news is that I can now finally show you one of them, and it's a biggy!
Back in April, I was contacted by a fantastic creative communications agency called BergHind Joseph who were working with Tate & Lyle on a large print project . Essentially the brief was to hand-letter a selection of posters for the client expressing key brand messages. Once we had successfully designed and styled the lettering for the UK versions, it was then necessary, working with translators, to re-draw the type in different languages but with the same treatment for the same phrases of sentences. In total I hand-lettered in 12 different languages on over 90 different posters as well as doodling other drawn elements throughout.

Translating from English came out very differently in the various different languages meaning in some cases we had to fit a lot more letters into the same amount of space and in other cases the phrasing was completely different meaning more drastic changes to the layout.

This was a really enjoyable project to be involved in. I was working in-house throughout the process so I got to work closely with the guys at BergHind Joseph who were a fine bunch of ladies and gentlemen and very passionate about what they do!

Promotional Prints - East End Sports Day

Well I've finally had the time to get some decent promo stuff printed and this is what it looks like!

Printed in a limited batch run of 100 double sided on A3 paper. Will you get one??

Stickerbomb Letters

For those of you who follow me on twitter this will old news, but for those who don't here is a little peek of Stickerbomb Letters. It's a whole book of peelable sticky stickers for you to go out and plaster your neighbourhood/flat/bike/etc.

As you'll see above, I am in this book alongside a load of other talented boys and girls who draw stuff.

I apologise for the low quality photos but I gave my promo copy away to a client and I haven't got around to replacing it yet.

You could pop over to Laurence King Publishing and buy one here if you want.

I should also big up Studio Rarekwai who put he whole thing together - nice work one and all.
Now let's get sticking.......

Modern Vintage Illustration

A little update for you today - my work has been featured in a lovely book called 'Modern Vintage Illustration'

According to the publishers Barnes and Noble

'Past is prologue in this stunning survey of vintage-inspired illustrations that employ classic styles of artistic expression for up-to-date effects. Organized by historical or cultural period, the book features hundreds of modern retro images, including pieces that incorporate the geometric beauty of Art Deco, the bold architectural lines of Soviet constructivist posters, and the graphic design of Blue Note's record sleeves. There are new perspectives on photorealism, comic art, and punk, as well. Hundreds of artists have contributed to this witty, exciting, and international collection.'

So there you go. Why not buy and try to find my images.....ha.


Following my last post - I can now at least show you something recent.

For Statoil, through John Brown Media - Jargon buster

Secret work


I have been planning this post for sometime now. I've been happily and merrily quite busy and I've been working with a couple of well-known clients for most of the last 2 months - i was looking forward to showing you....

Unfortunately, in both cases, I now know that I probably won't be able to show the work on here or my website. :(

So you'll have to guess who the clients were and imagine the work I produced for them - needless to say both were very 'typey'.

 I do however have a couple of other pieces for some other lovely clients which will be on here shortly, not least an exciting poster I did with Boothnation...........So check back soon!


HSJ - Cover

Hello blog followers,

Another little update from me. I've been mad busy again of late so I havn't posted that often. As ever, some of the work is still pending release so I'll pop that stuff up on here as and when I can. I'm just about to start a new exciting project as well, more on that another time.

For now, here is a little something I made a week or so ago. VERY quick turn around alongside several other jobs - it was hectic! But the final result was OK I think. I'll just add that on this brief I tried to pitch an illustration based upon the board game Operation!, sadly the other rough was chosen. Worth a try though right? Maybe I'll post the other rough at some point, anyway here is the cover I did for the HSJ - Health Service Journal.

Cash for gold medals - what happens after the olympics?

So as you may notice I've been thinking about the London Olympics quite a bit of late. Aside from the actual sports (very excited about the cycling!!) there really is a lot to think about.

This piece is focused more on the economic implications of the event to both the athletes from around the world taking part and the areas of London it will be held in.

My Olympic Re-brand

Now firstly let me be clear.
This is not another angry visual moan about the much maligned London Olympic logo. I actually quite like it. My only gripe in that context so far is that the 'merch' providers have yet to offer a T-shirt with the standard logo on it in the original magenta form. I would buy this and, yes, I would wear it.

What this is though is an attempt to make us folk living in the Olympic boroughs feel a bit more connected to the actual events. Let's face it, none of us have tickets to see any of the official events, and yet this summer we will have to obtain tickets to enter one of our regular sunny day hostspots (Victoria Park) for the privilege of any kind of crowd atmosphere as we watch the games on a screen - lets hope we don't also lose the right to bring our own beer.......

It is an exciting event, I'm sure there will be a 'buzz' about Hackney, where I live, and in spite of a bit of upheaval, hopefully we can all get into the spirit a bit - lets also hope that the local businesses can cash in on the extra tourism.

This then, is for us.