Not the Christmas number 1

I've got a rather exciting piece to post today, It's fair to say I've been looking forward to posting it!
So a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by digital agency STEEL with a an unexpected proposition - to design and produce a wall mural for a music video that accompanies a christmas charity single!

This was a fairly hectic project, a lot happened in a short time, but genuinely a really fun thing to work on. So last sunday, having had the illustration all signed off, me and a team of talented friends went over to Holborn Studios and got to work. Below are a selection of behind the scenes photos from the day, taken by the very talented Mark Chivers

Me and Tom prepping with the projector

Me having a closer look..

Me and the team doing having a bit of powow

Me and Ella checking our scaling.

Me, Simon and Tom having a giggle in between shots

Just about to draw in the Ghetto Blaster!

My wonderful illustration team
Tom Cardo Moreno, Ella Brock-Morgan, me, Simon Brader and Tom Goodfellow

And just there (above) is the final mural all finished off!

So it was a real good day, my team were all bloody amazing and really helped me to direct the production on the piece!

The song is called 'Not the Christmas Number 1' and is written and performed by an amazing band called Silvers who you should definately check out. More importantly than any of this, the single is to raise money for Help for Heroes. Im sure you already know of them and the work they do. So PLEASE go and check out the song on iTunes when it is released on the 19th December (i'll post a link as soon as its available)

And the video will be out tomorrow so as soon as It's there then I'll post it here, for you!

Stay tuned, and you should definately pop over to for more of the story behind this project.