If John Wayne was a modern day Coffee shop owner...

Isn't it great when a little thought pops into your head, just like that, BOOM.
That is exactly what happened here. I also took my new Poscas for a walk over my page - I'm like new to them and shit.

I also found that that the original quote by John Wayne of 'Get off yer horse and drink yer milk' is in fact not necessarily something that he ever actually said. How the hell did it get attributed to him then? And, more importantly, how can I get a quote attributed to me that I didnt say but that sounds cool? I welcome your suggestions on the matter, hey, by all means start passing around a cool quote that I'm supposed to have said......make it a peachy one though yeah?

Let's not of course overlook how I've cleverly re-contextualised this classic 'mis' quote to apply to the guys out there right now. I'd rather ride my bike than a horse anyday :)