So as is often the case, a few things I did a while ago are starting to be ready for your eyes, in this case my first EVER typeface (above) called Welco.
In fairness, it has taken a long time to be released because it is part of something bigger. The lovely folk over at Cure Studio have painstakingly developed, alongside 12 of us lot, a type foundry. Its called The Type Foundry.

Its really a pretty exciting time, the guys at the foundry mentioned something in an interview about lots of things being written about type and I've been noticing more and more appearing in people's tweets. This is fine by me since even in my ususal working process I'm using hand-drawn type almost always anyway but the opportunity to develop a fully functioning proper typeface, all kerned and ready to use, is amazing.

There are all sorts of interesting things over on the typefoundry site so you should definately have a little look.

AND, having launched earlier on today, we've already had some lovely things written in an interview with Design Week. Have a read of that here