All the Questions

So, I seem to have read a lot of interviews lately.................
Everytime time I go on twitter or the other places, I see people being interviewed. Ive gleaned all sorts of useful and pointless information. Now I have been interviewed a couple of times, but I figured I was due another turn. So with a little help from my friends of social media, I present you with 'All the Questions'. This title is misleading.......there are only a few.

THIS ^ is me! I always wonder what you lot all look like. That's the thing about this cyber world, we never know how we all look. And of course in some ways its great because we can't all judge each other by our looks so we have to base all our opinions on what we read - great for showcasing our intellect and shit but sometimes I wonder. So hello. I look like this. You can now judge my choice of fetching green hat. Enjoy.

The questions that follow are from people I chat to on t'internet but I have also actually met them all in real life too. They're credited, as you will see...


Well, arguably I wouldnt need a pencil since I've got a drawing of one inked into my skin, but I do like to draw with pencils first. I think it's probably a bit cowardly, but I like to sketch and then ink a definate final line after. I hate working in sketchbooks because when I do I always try to be bold and draw everything first time and allow myself to make mistakes but then I feel like I've wasted pages and end up going back to loose A4 paper - I guess it just feels more disposable. I do keep all the loose sheets mind you, I've got draws and draws full!


Well I've already covered the implement one but in a broader sense, for my practice I use pencil then pen then I scan it in and colour it on screen. On the odd occasion ive used scanned textures on some type pieces - scratchy marker pen and even oil pastel.
I'm not currently affiliated with any brand of pencils or pens (awaiting that sponsorship deal as I write!) but I use a mechanical pencil and any variety of fineliners depending purely on what I find in the artshop. I've just started playing with some Poscas too - the mirror in my flat is gaining a word a day.


Well I trained as a silversmith and jewellery designer so I suppose if the urge to make images and draw words wasnt so strong, arguably I'd be doing that.
Alternatively if I'd taken a different route I think I could have found myself doing something to do with writing and english. I dont claim to be any kind of wordsmith but I enjoy writing. Perhaps some kind of journalist or copywriter or something to that effect. I think I would perhaps like to be Charlie Brooker, his work always seems like it would have been fun to produce, and he's married to Konnie Huq......;)


Good questions! Keeping creative? That's quite difficult, I think I've only recently started to actively try to keep creative. For a while you just assume that it happens, and that's it.
For me, when I first started out I was spending so much time working, on learning about this industry, improving my skills and building my folio that I really only watched TV and got drunk with whatever time I had leftover. For a while this is OK but I've started to realise that not only do you have to do the obvious things that inspire you like visiting exhibitions, watching films and reading etc, but you also have to be out in the world having 'experiences'. Anything new, meeting people, going to new places, walking around instead of cycling or getting the tube, it all adds something in to your brain which can be drawn upon later. I find it very easy to be really habitual in my day to day life so for me that bit of effort every now and then seems to be good for my creative brain!

Id also say that I'm better when I'm instinctively creative rather than thinking too much. My best work has always come from a method I developed during my studies.

'Get new brief, read it. Re-read it. Put it down and go out and have fun for a couple of days. Sit down at your desk again. Capture ideas. Work them through'

In reality this isnt always all that practical, especially with a client who gives you a really short deadline, but where possible I find a bit of distraction helps ideas to happen more easily than sitting at my desk and forcing them. It's like the processors are whirring away in the background noticing things and starting to spark but if you look at them they stop. So leaving them alone until they present you with those sparks of an idea works for me.


Well its sort of of carries on from the last post, but actually yeah, a run. Or a shower. Sometimes both! I read a while ago about someone who simply walks to overcome creative block, just walks until an idea comes. I think that's great, I have had a 'block' for several days in a row though - that would mean a lot of walking for me.

Jay Moon

The dream commission question.......last time I answered this I just said something stupid about doing a billboard. I'll try harder this time.

The difficulty for me is that my career is still in it's infancy. With that in mind there are loads of things I havn't done yet that would be a dream for me. My childhood dreams are of designing book covers and album sleeves - I have done neither of these things yet but I would honestly be well chuffed to do both. I would still like to do a billboard, its just the sheer presence and size isnt it!! I have intentions of writing and illustrating a short book, I've just launched my first T-shirt and I'd like to do more exhibitions. A final thing would be to design a football strip or a pair of trainers - I did loads of designs like this when I was a child, it was probably as close to sport as i went in those days!

So basically I want to do everything. I want to put the things Ive drawn on things in the world that people see. You may as well aim high right?!

And finally,


Its probably Brioche :)


SO that's it for my interview. I've spent ages gradually getting this together, I've looked at it for so long that I'm not sure I've said anything even remotely interesting. But we shall see what you think....

All of the people mentioned above can be clicked and visited at their Twitter or Facebook, they're a talented bunch so you should check them out!

Thanks you lot xx

And finally, since this question is out of sync with the rest I've added it separately. This does not mean I do not value this question.......


Its probably Brioche :)