Oh, did i mention i have an online shop now?

There are drawings there for you to buy with your money. What? You've got a friend who has a birthday coming up and you dont know what to buy them? BOOM!

Im sure you get the picture - ha.


DONT PANIC pack illustration

I was recently asked to illustrate the cover of the latest Dont Panic brown envelope. And here it is, they're flying all over London so keep your eyes open in the nice bars and shops that stock!

AND, if you'd like to see some people holding my drawing looking very happy with it, check this link -

Nice times!

One plain, one fancy.

Alrite you lot, just a quickie here today....I came across this project that the guys from Mat Dolphin agency were doing, i thought it was a nice idea so BOOM, got involved. This is my response to 'One Plain, One Fancy'

Check out the project here - there's a nice one by Andy Smith on there as well!