Not the Christmas number 1

I've got a rather exciting piece to post today, It's fair to say I've been looking forward to posting it!
So a couple of weeks ago I was contacted by digital agency STEEL with a an unexpected proposition - to design and produce a wall mural for a music video that accompanies a christmas charity single!

This was a fairly hectic project, a lot happened in a short time, but genuinely a really fun thing to work on. So last sunday, having had the illustration all signed off, me and a team of talented friends went over to Holborn Studios and got to work. Below are a selection of behind the scenes photos from the day, taken by the very talented Mark Chivers

Me and Tom prepping with the projector

Me having a closer look..

Me and the team doing having a bit of powow

Me and Ella checking our scaling.

Me, Simon and Tom having a giggle in between shots

Just about to draw in the Ghetto Blaster!

My wonderful illustration team
Tom Cardo Moreno, Ella Brock-Morgan, me, Simon Brader and Tom Goodfellow

And just there (above) is the final mural all finished off!

So it was a real good day, my team were all bloody amazing and really helped me to direct the production on the piece!

The song is called 'Not the Christmas Number 1' and is written and performed by an amazing band called Silvers who you should definately check out. More importantly than any of this, the single is to raise money for Help for Heroes. Im sure you already know of them and the work they do. So PLEASE go and check out the song on iTunes when it is released on the 19th December (i'll post a link as soon as its available)

And the video will be out tomorrow so as soon as It's there then I'll post it here, for you!

Stay tuned, and you should definately pop over to for more of the story behind this project.

Celebrate with us....

Another little update today. I recently produced this piece for a private client as part of a birthday celebration. This piece wasn't used for the primary invitations it was designed for but I think it is still being used elsewhere as part of the celebration event. Nice to do something a bit calligraphic for a change!

If John Wayne was a modern day Coffee shop owner...

Isn't it great when a little thought pops into your head, just like that, BOOM.
That is exactly what happened here. I also took my new Poscas for a walk over my page - I'm like new to them and shit.

I also found that that the original quote by John Wayne of 'Get off yer horse and drink yer milk' is in fact not necessarily something that he ever actually said. How the hell did it get attributed to him then? And, more importantly, how can I get a quote attributed to me that I didnt say but that sounds cool? I welcome your suggestions on the matter, hey, by all means start passing around a cool quote that I'm supposed to have said......make it a peachy one though yeah?

Let's not of course overlook how I've cleverly re-contextualised this classic 'mis' quote to apply to the guys out there right now. I'd rather ride my bike than a horse anyday :)


So as is often the case, a few things I did a while ago are starting to be ready for your eyes, in this case my first EVER typeface (above) called Welco.
In fairness, it has taken a long time to be released because it is part of something bigger. The lovely folk over at Cure Studio have painstakingly developed, alongside 12 of us lot, a type foundry. Its called The Type Foundry.

Its really a pretty exciting time, the guys at the foundry mentioned something in an interview about lots of things being written about type and I've been noticing more and more appearing in people's tweets. This is fine by me since even in my ususal working process I'm using hand-drawn type almost always anyway but the opportunity to develop a fully functioning proper typeface, all kerned and ready to use, is amazing.

There are all sorts of interesting things over on the typefoundry site so you should definately have a little look.

AND, having launched earlier on today, we've already had some lovely things written in an interview with Design Week. Have a read of that here


In my various busy work days that have passed recently I absolutely forgot to mention that for the last three months or so I have been added to the roster of fine artists represented and working with the YCN.
Within a matter of days I was working on my first commission for them. Ace!

I'll blog that a little later but you should a) go give them a visit YCN
b) look at me there ME@YCN

Happy reading x

All the Questions

So, I seem to have read a lot of interviews lately.................
Everytime time I go on twitter or the other places, I see people being interviewed. Ive gleaned all sorts of useful and pointless information. Now I have been interviewed a couple of times, but I figured I was due another turn. So with a little help from my friends of social media, I present you with 'All the Questions'. This title is misleading.......there are only a few.

THIS ^ is me! I always wonder what you lot all look like. That's the thing about this cyber world, we never know how we all look. And of course in some ways its great because we can't all judge each other by our looks so we have to base all our opinions on what we read - great for showcasing our intellect and shit but sometimes I wonder. So hello. I look like this. You can now judge my choice of fetching green hat. Enjoy.

The questions that follow are from people I chat to on t'internet but I have also actually met them all in real life too. They're credited, as you will see...


Well, arguably I wouldnt need a pencil since I've got a drawing of one inked into my skin, but I do like to draw with pencils first. I think it's probably a bit cowardly, but I like to sketch and then ink a definate final line after. I hate working in sketchbooks because when I do I always try to be bold and draw everything first time and allow myself to make mistakes but then I feel like I've wasted pages and end up going back to loose A4 paper - I guess it just feels more disposable. I do keep all the loose sheets mind you, I've got draws and draws full!


Well I've already covered the implement one but in a broader sense, for my practice I use pencil then pen then I scan it in and colour it on screen. On the odd occasion ive used scanned textures on some type pieces - scratchy marker pen and even oil pastel.
I'm not currently affiliated with any brand of pencils or pens (awaiting that sponsorship deal as I write!) but I use a mechanical pencil and any variety of fineliners depending purely on what I find in the artshop. I've just started playing with some Poscas too - the mirror in my flat is gaining a word a day.


Well I trained as a silversmith and jewellery designer so I suppose if the urge to make images and draw words wasnt so strong, arguably I'd be doing that.
Alternatively if I'd taken a different route I think I could have found myself doing something to do with writing and english. I dont claim to be any kind of wordsmith but I enjoy writing. Perhaps some kind of journalist or copywriter or something to that effect. I think I would perhaps like to be Charlie Brooker, his work always seems like it would have been fun to produce, and he's married to Konnie Huq......;)


Good questions! Keeping creative? That's quite difficult, I think I've only recently started to actively try to keep creative. For a while you just assume that it happens, and that's it.
For me, when I first started out I was spending so much time working, on learning about this industry, improving my skills and building my folio that I really only watched TV and got drunk with whatever time I had leftover. For a while this is OK but I've started to realise that not only do you have to do the obvious things that inspire you like visiting exhibitions, watching films and reading etc, but you also have to be out in the world having 'experiences'. Anything new, meeting people, going to new places, walking around instead of cycling or getting the tube, it all adds something in to your brain which can be drawn upon later. I find it very easy to be really habitual in my day to day life so for me that bit of effort every now and then seems to be good for my creative brain!

Id also say that I'm better when I'm instinctively creative rather than thinking too much. My best work has always come from a method I developed during my studies.

'Get new brief, read it. Re-read it. Put it down and go out and have fun for a couple of days. Sit down at your desk again. Capture ideas. Work them through'

In reality this isnt always all that practical, especially with a client who gives you a really short deadline, but where possible I find a bit of distraction helps ideas to happen more easily than sitting at my desk and forcing them. It's like the processors are whirring away in the background noticing things and starting to spark but if you look at them they stop. So leaving them alone until they present you with those sparks of an idea works for me.


Well its sort of of carries on from the last post, but actually yeah, a run. Or a shower. Sometimes both! I read a while ago about someone who simply walks to overcome creative block, just walks until an idea comes. I think that's great, I have had a 'block' for several days in a row though - that would mean a lot of walking for me.

Jay Moon

The dream commission question.......last time I answered this I just said something stupid about doing a billboard. I'll try harder this time.

The difficulty for me is that my career is still in it's infancy. With that in mind there are loads of things I havn't done yet that would be a dream for me. My childhood dreams are of designing book covers and album sleeves - I have done neither of these things yet but I would honestly be well chuffed to do both. I would still like to do a billboard, its just the sheer presence and size isnt it!! I have intentions of writing and illustrating a short book, I've just launched my first T-shirt and I'd like to do more exhibitions. A final thing would be to design a football strip or a pair of trainers - I did loads of designs like this when I was a child, it was probably as close to sport as i went in those days!

So basically I want to do everything. I want to put the things Ive drawn on things in the world that people see. You may as well aim high right?!

And finally,


Its probably Brioche :)


SO that's it for my interview. I've spent ages gradually getting this together, I've looked at it for so long that I'm not sure I've said anything even remotely interesting. But we shall see what you think....

All of the people mentioned above can be clicked and visited at their Twitter or Facebook, they're a talented bunch so you should check them out!

Thanks you lot xx

And finally, since this question is out of sync with the rest I've added it separately. This does not mean I do not value this question.......


Its probably Brioche :)

Busy busy busy

Im sorry all you lot out there. Ive been very neglectful of my blog - im eagerly waiting for some work to publish before i can show you it. Ive got a couple of nice bits done recently but until they go live I cant show you. But hey, dont cry. If you follow me on twitter (which you really should ) then you'll know ive been giving away FREE ipad/iphone wallpapers. All you've got to do is email me and tell me which format you'd like, i'll pop you on my mailing list for selective and well timed updates of my new work and then BOOM, wallpaper arrives in your mailbox!

CANT BE BAD! (as if im shouting :) )

I will be back soon, but do check me on Twitter if you fancy it xx

You cant always get what you want.......

With all th excitement of the upcoming Creative Review/ Tate social media event i decided to submit an image. This year the whole event is based around the Vorticist exhibition opening shortly and the submissions are based around the famous Vorticist manifesto BLAST.
I really hoped id get a BLAST, and a BLESSED submission together but i just havnt had the time.
So here is my BLAST image - because you cant always get what you want....

Check out the tumblr site

home made blade

My latest type project, i may even make a whole typeface out of this in the near future. I enjoyed drawing this very much x

Self portrait

I had a little downtime over the weekend so i decided to do a self-portrait.
Its not really in my usual style of working but it does look a bit like me.
Enjoy x

Play a new song....

Well it really has been a while since ive posted here. Lets hope this makes up for it......

As a treat, you get the finished version and the b/w scan of the original drawing. Enjoy


Oh, did i mention i have an online shop now?

There are drawings there for you to buy with your money. What? You've got a friend who has a birthday coming up and you dont know what to buy them? BOOM!

Im sure you get the picture - ha.


DONT PANIC pack illustration

I was recently asked to illustrate the cover of the latest Dont Panic brown envelope. And here it is, they're flying all over London so keep your eyes open in the nice bars and shops that stock!

AND, if you'd like to see some people holding my drawing looking very happy with it, check this link -

Nice times!

One plain, one fancy.

Alrite you lot, just a quickie here today....I came across this project that the guys from Mat Dolphin agency were doing, i thought it was a nice idea so BOOM, got involved. This is my response to 'One Plain, One Fancy'

Check out the project here - there's a nice one by Andy Smith on there as well!

Its a mouse doing scuba.

Nothing clever here, just a mouse scuba diving, well, scuba swimming really.

He's just a man, that is all.........

This was basically just a doodle, its really all about the beard. That is all. x

Making words count


This is a little sneaky peek of an illustration i completed recently for QTS. They're a fundraising agency and wanted a little something drawn for them. Itl go live shortly, il drop a link when they do. xx


Mambo Surf Deluxe Competition

So those guys and girls over at Mambo are holding a competition at the moment to become their next 'artist'. I figured id give it a punt in a few spare moments i had and this is what i entered.
The brief was kinda loose, 'mamboesque' was the phrase they used. I thought about beach bums and ended up here...........

If you'd like to vote for me check out the facebook group



This is work from a rejected pitch. I decided to blog it anyway because i was strangely very satisfied with what id done on this occasion. So here it is.
I will find another use for it!


IM // UR Interview and feature

OK, firstly, an apology. I havnt posted anything on my blog for some time, which is not through laziness, but due to a bit of a break followed by an extremely busy January. But i am back, and gradually il be able to show you some of the stuff ive been doing!

The first thing to go 'live' is this interview and feature on IM // UR. Lovely Christel and Raphael were kind enough to allow me this chance to personalise their highly covetable piece of cyberspace. I was happy to do it, those guys are really on it. You should give them a visit, if not to see my little face, then to peruse all the other stuff (some good mixtapes on there!)

My feature -

Enjoy! Oh yeah, and if you didnt realise, im on twitter now, i try and pop on there every day or two and write some kind of rubbish. If that's your thing then im here

Bye for now!