Happy Birthday Dad!!

It was Dads 60th the other day! A little visit to Sidcup for a 3 generation meetup lunch/dinner thing. Lots of steaks arrived at our table - it was a good day! But anyway, my gran always tells this story about the day dad was born, saying his brother ran downstairs from seeing my newborn dad saying 'he looks just like a little orange'. We've heard this story like A LOT of times over the years - and so it seemed fitting as an illo for his birthday card! Happy Birthday Dad!

An Artful Tadger

Whilst in the rhythm of getting involved in random stuff, today i also came across this project.


Stripping away the penis taboo. Done.

Yes, it is a snail carrying a drum.

So, thanks to Twitter, i came across this project earlier today.


Basically building a whole marching band out of a variety of character playing different instruments. I have a suspicion that they will want them in a specific style, and really, im no character illustrator. However, i was sucked in so i thought id give it a bash. Et viola ( as in 'behold', not the instrument - its clearly a drum. Im tired.)