Virgin - ROGER Magazine

A little while ago i was asked by John Brown Media to produce not just one but TWO typey illustrations for Virgins' magazine 'Roger'. A small spot image about wellbeing at work and a whole page for their Virgin Tribe promos. Upon my return from my holidays, waiting for me was a copy of the magazine in print. Scanned in and posted for your pleasure!!


So, i got asked by the guys at IM//UR to do them a flyer for their BLOGWARS night in Sao Paulo. I said YES. And this is what i gave them. Needless to say they loved it!

Here it is in context....

Cordelier Club August

Augusts' installment for the MacBeth residency of Cordelier Club. It was a tight deadline this time and i had to produce this illo whilst on holiday in sunny/rainy Cornwall. Just a small example of my unfaltering dedication to my craft. Haha.

Laissez Faire Club

So, i still haven't posted the editorial work, I'm sorry, you'll have to be patient, im trying to be patient myself - it will soon be in print...........its nice, you'll like it!

Anyway, today's post is of my most recent flyer artwork for Laissez Faire Club. My man Jeremy over at LFC hit me up for the latest commission last week and here we are! Expect to see it out and about soon - hey, if you're really cool you might get handed one in your 'hood. Apparently this line-up is HOT, so check out the flyer and maybe see you there.

Oh, and as a sneaky treat for you, I've added one of my early designs that i proposed for this piece, all type innit and with a green scheme.