The Cordelier Club part 2 & 3

It seems i totally forgot to blog some pieces of recent work in all the hurry to get it all finished.
Ive recently been doing a couple of more editorial pieces which il post as soon as they are in print!!

Meanwhile, ive carried on working with The Cordelier Club on their monthly residency at the MacBeth. The nights have gone really well, packed out shows each one!
My continued efforts working on the development of their 'brand' are above!

Bigfun July.

Another BigFun flyer done and dusted! As you'll see, its an extension of the last flyer i did for these guys, the whole stained glass thing is really floating my boat at the moment. Ive got a plan to do several more pieces like this, i wont tell you what they'll be about just yet, but keep it locked to!!