Ace Tennis Magazine - Through The Ages

Officially on shelves today, the latest issue of ACE Magazine featuring a little picture drawn by yours truly in the Baselines section.
The piece accompanies some humorous writing about tennis from prehistoric times through to King Henry VIII.
Lovely stuff! Now off to the courts.........

Laissez Faire Club - Nottingham

This is the second proper Laissez Faire Club flyer ive done - you'l see with the one below how a style is starting to form with these guys - hopefully have some more to post in coming months!
Meanwhile, check the links, LISTEN UP!

Laissez Faire Club

Chameleon Arts Cafe
- Nottingham


Laissez Faire Club 23 June

This is another flyer/poster ive completed recently working with Laissez Faire Club.
'Dont get involved!' (Laissez Faire obviously) But DO get involved by going along and watching the bands, i hear its a pretty sweet night. Links below to the necessary

Laissez Faire Club

The Lock Tavern

BigFun June

I just recently finished my latest work for Bigfun. Its was tough on the schedule and took some serious changing, but we got there eventually. The finished work is the better for it as well!!

Laissez Faire Club - Ice Black Birds

Wow! Been so very busy with this and that! Goodtimes indeed. So, here is the first of several posts to give you a little glimpse of some of this fruitful time well spent.

I got asked to do some flyers for Laissez Faire Club, a new music label.
This one is for the Launch of one of the bands they look after - Ice Black Birds and their single 'As birds we'd be fine'.

Nicee x