The show she presents is the best in the city, radio is great please play me im pretty

Hello, thanks to adam and joe for my post title, no idea what im talking about? Check the 6 music blog

In other news, and basically the whole reason im writing, im going to be a guest on The Musicbox on Wired Radio this thursday at 3 i think! Im picking 5 songs that i wanna play and essentially trying very hard not to swear, say anything i regret and generally not make a complete tit out of myself - may be worth listening for that reason alone........I dun a little drawing wiv clues n that so u can try and guess wot im gona play innit.

I must remember not to even attempt to talk in the way ive just written - it is never funny. No one thinks so apart from me. Fact.

Ive added a link just in case you want to laugh at my mortification!! At least you can enjoy the typography above for a while as well.

Happy monday xx