Shoreditch Stop

Hello! Firstly let me apologise for my lack of updates lately, ive been busy, with some work i cant show you yet, some other bits and bobs that are unrelated to illustration, and this.
Shoreditch Stop is a convenience store/ indian takeaway located in, yep, shoreditch, just next to the Old Blue Last. They asked me if i could put them a flyer together for some promo they wanted to do. They currently have no branding whatsoever so it was totally from scratch visually.

Hopefully il pop up some more new work soon. Hope your all ok out there in the snow x

Wired Radio goes live (the branding, that is..!)

A while back now, i created this re-brand for Wired Radio - Student Radio for Goldsmiths College. They were a bloody pleasure to work with, open to ideas, trusting and even prompt with the pay! Well done them!

You should swing by their site and give it a listen..

Half man, half machine.

For all you keen cyclists out there, or indeed those who use their computer a lot, you'll understand this all too well!


Happy Birthday Dad!!

It was Dads 60th the other day! A little visit to Sidcup for a 3 generation meetup lunch/dinner thing. Lots of steaks arrived at our table - it was a good day! But anyway, my gran always tells this story about the day dad was born, saying his brother ran downstairs from seeing my newborn dad saying 'he looks just like a little orange'. We've heard this story like A LOT of times over the years - and so it seemed fitting as an illo for his birthday card! Happy Birthday Dad!

An Artful Tadger

Whilst in the rhythm of getting involved in random stuff, today i also came across this project.

Stripping away the penis taboo. Done.

Yes, it is a snail carrying a drum.

So, thanks to Twitter, i came across this project earlier today.

Basically building a whole marching band out of a variety of character playing different instruments. I have a suspicion that they will want them in a specific style, and really, im no character illustrator. However, i was sucked in so i thought id give it a bash. Et viola ( as in 'behold', not the instrument - its clearly a drum. Im tired.)

Virgin - ROGER Magazine

A little while ago i was asked by John Brown Media to produce not just one but TWO typey illustrations for Virgins' magazine 'Roger'. A small spot image about wellbeing at work and a whole page for their Virgin Tribe promos. Upon my return from my holidays, waiting for me was a copy of the magazine in print. Scanned in and posted for your pleasure!!


So, i got asked by the guys at IM//UR to do them a flyer for their BLOGWARS night in Sao Paulo. I said YES. And this is what i gave them. Needless to say they loved it!

Here it is in context....

Cordelier Club August

Augusts' installment for the MacBeth residency of Cordelier Club. It was a tight deadline this time and i had to produce this illo whilst on holiday in sunny/rainy Cornwall. Just a small example of my unfaltering dedication to my craft. Haha.

Laissez Faire Club

So, i still haven't posted the editorial work, I'm sorry, you'll have to be patient, im trying to be patient myself - it will soon be in print...........its nice, you'll like it!

Anyway, today's post is of my most recent flyer artwork for Laissez Faire Club. My man Jeremy over at LFC hit me up for the latest commission last week and here we are! Expect to see it out and about soon - hey, if you're really cool you might get handed one in your 'hood. Apparently this line-up is HOT, so check out the flyer and maybe see you there.

Oh, and as a sneaky treat for you, I've added one of my early designs that i proposed for this piece, all type innit and with a green scheme.


The Cordelier Club part 2 & 3

It seems i totally forgot to blog some pieces of recent work in all the hurry to get it all finished.
Ive recently been doing a couple of more editorial pieces which il post as soon as they are in print!!

Meanwhile, ive carried on working with The Cordelier Club on their monthly residency at the MacBeth. The nights have gone really well, packed out shows each one!
My continued efforts working on the development of their 'brand' are above!

Bigfun July.

Another BigFun flyer done and dusted! As you'll see, its an extension of the last flyer i did for these guys, the whole stained glass thing is really floating my boat at the moment. Ive got a plan to do several more pieces like this, i wont tell you what they'll be about just yet, but keep it locked to!!

Ace Tennis Magazine - Through The Ages

Officially on shelves today, the latest issue of ACE Magazine featuring a little picture drawn by yours truly in the Baselines section.
The piece accompanies some humorous writing about tennis from prehistoric times through to King Henry VIII.
Lovely stuff! Now off to the courts.........

Laissez Faire Club - Nottingham

This is the second proper Laissez Faire Club flyer ive done - you'l see with the one below how a style is starting to form with these guys - hopefully have some more to post in coming months!
Meanwhile, check the links, LISTEN UP!

Laissez Faire Club

Chameleon Arts Cafe
- Nottingham


Laissez Faire Club 23 June

This is another flyer/poster ive completed recently working with Laissez Faire Club.
'Dont get involved!' (Laissez Faire obviously) But DO get involved by going along and watching the bands, i hear its a pretty sweet night. Links below to the necessary

Laissez Faire Club

The Lock Tavern

BigFun June

I just recently finished my latest work for Bigfun. Its was tough on the schedule and took some serious changing, but we got there eventually. The finished work is the better for it as well!!

Laissez Faire Club - Ice Black Birds

Wow! Been so very busy with this and that! Goodtimes indeed. So, here is the first of several posts to give you a little glimpse of some of this fruitful time well spent.

I got asked to do some flyers for Laissez Faire Club, a new music label.
This one is for the Launch of one of the bands they look after - Ice Black Birds and their single 'As birds we'd be fine'.

Nicee x

The Cordelier Club

A lovely little update for you today illustration fans. Been working with a band called The Cordelier Club of late and helping them with their visual identity. They shortly have a monthly residency starting over at the MacBeth in Hoxton, and below are my very first flyers for them. Ive also made them a revised version as a myspace background which looks pretty cool as well.

Check the band out on myspace - The Cordelier Club

A happy start to the day then, and its sunny outside in London. Smiles xxx

BigFun - May

Here is my latest flyer for BigFun this May. Line-up is gooood. Gots to get down there.

Hindenburg Mile High Club - The Laurel Collective

Hello Blogersphere,
So it seems its been a little while since I posted on here. Been pretty busy!

You may have seen the recent tour poster i made for the Laurel Collective at SXSW, well ive been working with them again. This time to help them promote their clubnight 'The Hindenburg Mile High Club' over at the stag each month. Long time followers might remember that i produced an image for this some time ago which was deemed a little too risque, this time however, all was good in the hood.

The Laurel Collective at SXSW


So the chaps from your new favourite band - The Laurel Collective - asked me to do a promo flyer for the extra dates they were playing as part of their SXSW performance last week in Texas

Awaiting stories and possibly pictures from their return, meanwhile, heres the flyer.

Check them out if unbelievably you havnt already -

Bigfun - Take your pick

The show she presents is the best in the city, radio is great please play me im pretty

Hello, thanks to adam and joe for my post title, no idea what im talking about? Check the 6 music blog

In other news, and basically the whole reason im writing, im going to be a guest on The Musicbox on Wired Radio this thursday at 3 i think! Im picking 5 songs that i wanna play and essentially trying very hard not to swear, say anything i regret and generally not make a complete tit out of myself - may be worth listening for that reason alone........I dun a little drawing wiv clues n that so u can try and guess wot im gona play innit.

I must remember not to even attempt to talk in the way ive just written - it is never funny. No one thinks so apart from me. Fact.

Ive added a link just in case you want to laugh at my mortification!! At least you can enjoy the typography above for a while as well.

Happy monday xx

The Music Box - Wired Radio

OOh, thats a nice logo innit! Well thats what my client thought - not in so many words - actually not that far off. Apparently theres a website in progress as well, il link it when it comes fo' sure.
Great times, lets hope the music on the station this is for is as good as my scribbly skills, im reliably informed it will be! Happy monday etc x

Oooh, whats this?

Hello. Just to let you know im busy and that im still here. Not neglecting you or anything, just cant put up the work that im doing now till its live! But expect version 2 of a logo im doing (its much better than the first one) something for charity, oh and when my camera finishes charging il pop up some pics of my latest batch of prints.............nicee.


Bigfun January

Welcome back to London after your festive fun. Hope it was good and your all ready for another year. I am, so are the guys at BigFun. Here's the latest flyer!