Keep it Pure

A piece about art, illustration, drawing and the impact they have. Fine art steps away from the obscure conceptual attention grabbing work of previous years to allow the return of some far more 'drawn' or 'painted' works. We all understand this art better dont we?? Perhaps not, but seeing work with a greater sense of discernible skill from the artist is always suited for broader appeal.
Meanwhile, my creative block is slowly starting to wear away within my personal work. This piece is also about that. I feel rubbish when i cant produce new and exciting work. Its on my mind constantly, cant escape it. Its like being on smack. (i have never, and will never take heroin, i simply suggest a likeness in the strength of the addiction and how the plight of getting the drugs/doing the work is what your life becomes about)

Er yeah, was that clear? It was? Great!