Plims innit

So, Kings of Neon, yes Neon, the guys who do the illustrated plimsoles, now have some of mine on there, for sale.

Sent them loads of designs so hopefully some more will be added shortly, be one of the first to get a pair and go home for xmas to see your friends wearing sumtin' fresh. Or treat someone to a pair for xmas, show em how much thought you put into gettin your unique gift. Yea. or yes.

Check them here -


Good old Boris.......

Couple of sketches, over the top of the newspaper today, with my new pens, as an ode to Boris Johnson, our new hero x

BigFun November

OK you people who do stuff and go to places - here is a place to go where stuff is on. I drew their flyer n that. Hit Hoxton this 27th November - Turn lead into solid gold fun xx