In real life i dont entirely subscribe to this attitude. If you know me, that may not surprise you. At all. I just wanna be able to throw a frisbee around my local park on a saturday or sunday morning without tripping over the leftover revellers from the night before. Wearing sunglasses, when its grey and overcast, cos they're still up. And cant be arsed to go back to wherever it is that they actually do live, cos this is where people 'like us' go now.
On a side-note, ive rarely/never attempted to take the frisbee from its place on the shelf on either of these mentioned occasions to the suggested locations. But i couldnt. Even if i did want to, i couldnt. And i know i couldnt, because i hear you talking about it on Monday. You were at the park again were you? Again, oh yeah a heavy night, right yeah. Me? Nah i didnt go out. I stayed in and sulked.

The illustrated version of this outpouring will follow. Perhaps annotated with why i can go anywhere. Just for balance you understand.