Secret Blisters

So the exhibition opened last nite - it was a really good event, thanks to those of you who came by and those who bought one of my prints. Dont forget if you havnt visited yet its on all day tomorrow as well. Just as a sneaky peek, here is one of my sample prints. Enjoy x

Website is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally thanks to my good friend Tom (link below) i have a website. A proper website. Not just a lovely blog but an even better actual internet website. Er yeah. Fairly happy n that. Thanks Tom.

Check it out

and Tom is here

Vice/ Virtue and Wyborowa

Couple weeks back i got asked by Vice magazine and the Virtue Ad agency to pitch for a project for Wyborowa Vodka. The idea was to design a new bottle illustration for their new UK launch. Here is what i submitted.........