Secret Blisters

Guess what? Yep, you guessed right, im taking part in Print Club London's 'Secret Blisters' screen print exhibition at the end of june. What that means is you can buy one of 35 editioned screenprints for £35 from myself and some other fantastic illustrators. Check the poster, visit the site, get your name down for the opening, they had 1000 people there last year so get in early for the first chance to get those prints. Happy days.

Consciousness #1

Im thinking about consciousness and perspective quite a bit at the moment. Im gona muse on it verbally and visually some more - il get back to you on that one, for now his is a quick-pic i did earlier today x

Nothing to say.

And this is, according to Mary Poppins, is thus what your supposed to say when you have nothing to say. It also has a lesser known meaning aluding to something about 'Atoning for educability through delicate beauty'. Sounds like me.


So thanks to Twitter, which ive now been on for a little while (thanks for the reminder simon - ive been checking in on numerous links and interesting web nuggets. I stumbled across the site of Keri Smith. She has a great section of helpful words and tasks to both remind us illustrators why we do what we do and a variety of ways to help with those ever painful moments of creative block and crippling self doubt. I was proper indulging in some of that stuff and her lovely thoughts and a little word or two from a couple of the closest amigos somehow kicked me back into gear. And thus i produced this piece. Perhaps just cathartic for me but a reminder for everyone. Gona get it DONE.
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