Editioned, hand-drawn business cards/ small scale illustrations

OK, so here's the lowdown. Ive been workin on customising some business cards for the eventual launch of my own new website (when i finally get that shit sorted) but as i began i thought how nice it would be to turn them into limited edition mini-illustrations. Thus here are several of the first batches ive produced. All of these and the next 3-4 sets will strictly limited editions of 5! Im keeping back the firsts for myself but two to five will be available to you, for FREE! Il sign them all like as well so itl be a nice little piece for you to own.

All you gotta do is email me up saying you want one and then send me a SAE to post it back to you - and thats it.

More designs to come guys - drop me a line - oli@lo-tec.co.uk