Pixels Rings in FLUX

So once again the lovely pixel jewellery has been picked up by another cool magazine, this time its FLUX.
They describe Lo-tec as a 'minimalist brand' - we likee that but what they've missed is that rather than being part of the 'newer rave' movement of 09 (a descendent of the new rave movement of 07) the pixel jewellery designed by my good self is in fact part of the 'im so mad ahead of my time' movement of 05 when it was actually first designed and made!

Smugness over (its not becoming i know) thanks a lot to FLUX for their lovely coverage and of course to lik+neon from where the lovely press originated.

Once again if you want to get hold of some of the jewellery (rings and earrings right!) then pop down to lik + neon on sclater street just off brick lane - its like that mysterious box of curiosities that you find in the dusty corner of a old relatives attic but transported into the future by a time machine that hasnt been invented yet.
Check that shit!


Get smart......

Sometimes on the way to my local shop which is quite literally 4 doors away from my own, i get accosted by one of the local homeless guys. Sometimes there are three of them at periodic stops along the route and i get asked by all of them to spare 75p for a beer/ food/ chips/ a bed for the night. Sometimes they dont even give me a tangible.
Sometimes they ask me on my way into the shop and sometimes they ask me on my way out. Sometimes they ask me both before and after.
One of them is lovely and polite. Simon looked into his eyes the other night and it made him feel sad.
Two of them are angry and agressive and verging on abusive.
Sometimes, rarely, i give a few pence.
Ive only ever given to the one who is lovely and polite.
'At least he wishes you a good evening' we've been heard to say.
Thanking us for acknowledging his request even if we dont help him out.
Sometimes i cant understand how he can be so polite, in spite of it all.
Sometimes i think that we're stupid.
Sometimes if wonder if he's clever.


For some reason ive been thinking about hands a lot lately. I just got a tattoo of a pencil on the wrist of my drawing hand (il post that some other time!) so ive been thinking about pencils as extensions of hands and how i use my palms and digits.
This drawing is about wishing i could draw with both hands - if i had two hands that could draw independently of one another i could work on two pieces at the same time thus doubling my output.
This would give me more time to sleep.

All of the above does however imply that i would have the ability to multi-task. Which, frankly, i dont.

Five Fingers, One Fist.

Feeling defiant and trying to stir some creative spirit i eventually made this piece. It looked realy rather nice in the sketch book just as the original line drawing but im thinking i might enter it for a competition so i tweeked it dans le computre.
Here's to gettin back on the bike, closing some of those unpleasant doors and submersing myself back in this place again!

Spinal Brap

So, did this for a blog of a guy i know. It was nice. Then he sort of vanished off the face of the planet. I wanted to give you an update before i posted it here but since comms are down fuck it. Here it is! BBrrraap