Custard Cream

In other news, i drew a custard cream, for no other reason than there was one sitting in front of me.
Profound as fuck!


Keep it Pure

A piece about art, illustration, drawing and the impact they have. Fine art steps away from the obscure conceptual attention grabbing work of previous years to allow the return of some far more 'drawn' or 'painted' works. We all understand this art better dont we?? Perhaps not, but seeing work with a greater sense of discernible skill from the artist is always suited for broader appeal.
Meanwhile, my creative block is slowly starting to wear away within my personal work. This piece is also about that. I feel rubbish when i cant produce new and exciting work. Its on my mind constantly, cant escape it. Its like being on smack. (i have never, and will never take heroin, i simply suggest a likeness in the strength of the addiction and how the plight of getting the drugs/doing the work is what your life becomes about)

Er yeah, was that clear? It was? Great!

Part 2

The next piece exploring the themes of the daily tasks that are essential to our general existence and involvement in society today. We all gotta eat. No escape there, it connects us all. And it always has done. The end.

Wash. Dry. Wear.

A new piece ive been working on, its all about those necessary innane tasks that act as pillars in our daily existence. They're unavoidable and often tedious but they stand as the reference points by which the more abstract experiences relate. You can keep washing your clothes, and drying them, and wearing them until you die aged 79 (on average). This is, for me at least, a lifelong commitment it seems.....x

3 Prints, just in!!

Here are some photos of the latest set of prints ive ordered. Sadly, all are spoken for, tough being so popular, but of course il be ordering again soon. Im only an email away............

Oh and i hope you enjoy the scenic green carpet background, a nice touch i thought!!

Plims innit

So, Kings of Neon, yes Neon, the guys who do the illustrated plimsoles, now have some of mine on there, for sale.

Sent them loads of designs so hopefully some more will be added shortly, be one of the first to get a pair and go home for xmas to see your friends wearing sumtin' fresh. Or treat someone to a pair for xmas, show em how much thought you put into gettin your unique gift. Yea. or yes.

Check them here -


Good old Boris.......

Couple of sketches, over the top of the newspaper today, with my new pens, as an ode to Boris Johnson, our new hero x

BigFun November

OK you people who do stuff and go to places - here is a place to go where stuff is on. I drew their flyer n that. Hit Hoxton this 27th November - Turn lead into solid gold fun xx

BigFun Oct - All your favourites

The latest flyer for the guys at Bigfun. Another late night as well. x

Remain Silent


Illustrating a story on modern policing and the plans to issue smartphones to officers to aid their work.


In real life i dont entirely subscribe to this attitude. If you know me, that may not surprise you. At all. I just wanna be able to throw a frisbee around my local park on a saturday or sunday morning without tripping over the leftover revellers from the night before. Wearing sunglasses, when its grey and overcast, cos they're still up. And cant be arsed to go back to wherever it is that they actually do live, cos this is where people 'like us' go now.
On a side-note, ive rarely/never attempted to take the frisbee from its place on the shelf on either of these mentioned occasions to the suggested locations. But i couldnt. Even if i did want to, i couldnt. And i know i couldnt, because i hear you talking about it on Monday. You were at the park again were you? Again, oh yeah a heavy night, right yeah. Me? Nah i didnt go out. I stayed in and sulked.

The illustrated version of this outpouring will follow. Perhaps annotated with why i can go anywhere. Just for balance you understand.


Brace yourself.........for BigFun

Here we are. The latest BigFun flyer. Seems appropriate in light of the recent weather dunnit. xx

Give yourself a pat on the back. Very well done.

And another. Thankyou and goodnight.

Why not get us nobodys involved instead. How about that

Just a little new text layout illustration im playing with at the mo. Early stages of development like! Sneak preview innit x

Meanwhile in celebrity town........

Michael Jackson had his funeral last week. Oh it was a who's who of anyone who's anyone in the weird microcosm of the hollywood bizarre. Maybe it looked a bit like this....

Got me a big new marker pen! Already run out....

Sometimes when your workin hard and its tough, you just want some praise. A 'well done', or to quote Alan Partridge ' That was negative, and right now i need two positives. One to counteract the negative and one just to have a positive!'

A little bit of validation then...............

New and revised and available

Well hello. Been a while. Whilst i have been working on new images over the last few weeks (always) ive also been tweeking some older ones for where you can now buy/licence my work for all of your art direction needs! Follow the link below to have a look - and tell your friends, particularly those who need some new illustration for their editorial/ad campaign etc! These two images are just a selection of the work that will be on there - an old and a new. Nice.
On a side note, listening to the new Horrors album on Spotify..........hype considerably justified!!

You and me......

This is actually for some friends of mine - romantic innit xx

Where im at currently, haha

Just a couple of simple but narrative self-initiated pieces - i havnt. Think i might turn these into prints in the coming month......

BIG FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And it will be, line up is looking good, especially the Paddingtons. Check out my lovely flyer design as'l probably see one in hoxton, or just on the floor somewhere east - ha, as if anyone would throw one away........haha

Secret Blisters

So the exhibition opened last nite - it was a really good event, thanks to those of you who came by and those who bought one of my prints. Dont forget if you havnt visited yet its on all day tomorrow as well. Just as a sneaky peek, here is one of my sample prints. Enjoy x

Website is HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally thanks to my good friend Tom (link below) i have a website. A proper website. Not just a lovely blog but an even better actual internet website. Er yeah. Fairly happy n that. Thanks Tom.

Check it out

and Tom is here

Vice/ Virtue and Wyborowa

Couple weeks back i got asked by Vice magazine and the Virtue Ad agency to pitch for a project for Wyborowa Vodka. The idea was to design a new bottle illustration for their new UK launch. Here is what i submitted.........

Secret Blisters

Guess what? Yep, you guessed right, im taking part in Print Club London's 'Secret Blisters' screen print exhibition at the end of june. What that means is you can buy one of 35 editioned screenprints for £35 from myself and some other fantastic illustrators. Check the poster, visit the site, get your name down for the opening, they had 1000 people there last year so get in early for the first chance to get those prints. Happy days.

Consciousness #1

Im thinking about consciousness and perspective quite a bit at the moment. Im gona muse on it verbally and visually some more - il get back to you on that one, for now his is a quick-pic i did earlier today x

Nothing to say.

And this is, according to Mary Poppins, is thus what your supposed to say when you have nothing to say. It also has a lesser known meaning aluding to something about 'Atoning for educability through delicate beauty'. Sounds like me.


So thanks to Twitter, which ive now been on for a little while (thanks for the reminder simon - ive been checking in on numerous links and interesting web nuggets. I stumbled across the site of Keri Smith. She has a great section of helpful words and tasks to both remind us illustrators why we do what we do and a variety of ways to help with those ever painful moments of creative block and crippling self doubt. I was proper indulging in some of that stuff and her lovely thoughts and a little word or two from a couple of the closest amigos somehow kicked me back into gear. And thus i produced this piece. Perhaps just cathartic for me but a reminder for everyone. Gona get it DONE.
Now to enjoy the remainder of the bank holiday. For whatever reason you should check keri out at

and my homeboy simon at


Editioned, hand-drawn business cards/ small scale illustrations

OK, so here's the lowdown. Ive been workin on customising some business cards for the eventual launch of my own new website (when i finally get that shit sorted) but as i began i thought how nice it would be to turn them into limited edition mini-illustrations. Thus here are several of the first batches ive produced. All of these and the next 3-4 sets will strictly limited editions of 5! Im keeping back the firsts for myself but two to five will be available to you, for FREE! Il sign them all like as well so itl be a nice little piece for you to own.

All you gotta do is email me up saying you want one and then send me a SAE to post it back to you - and thats it.

More designs to come guys - drop me a line -

Power in numbers - WINDOW

Here's a preview of a competition piece ive been working on. Its all about WW2, bits of cut-up tin foil, disrupting enemy radar, looking bigger than you actually are and coming together in difficult times...........make sense? And its big - 500mm X 500mm - nice to work large innit x

OK so finally, for those of you who visit here only, here is the happy news that i have now purchased a web domain and hosting meaning that shortly there will be a whole new place to see all of my illustrations and other work.

Somewhat unoriginally it is called

Only have the holding page up there for now but by all means check it out and of course add it to your bookmarks. Il update you all more when we have lift off.


Pixels Rings in FLUX

So once again the lovely pixel jewellery has been picked up by another cool magazine, this time its FLUX.
They describe Lo-tec as a 'minimalist brand' - we likee that but what they've missed is that rather than being part of the 'newer rave' movement of 09 (a descendent of the new rave movement of 07) the pixel jewellery designed by my good self is in fact part of the 'im so mad ahead of my time' movement of 05 when it was actually first designed and made!

Smugness over (its not becoming i know) thanks a lot to FLUX for their lovely coverage and of course to lik+neon from where the lovely press originated.

Once again if you want to get hold of some of the jewellery (rings and earrings right!) then pop down to lik + neon on sclater street just off brick lane - its like that mysterious box of curiosities that you find in the dusty corner of a old relatives attic but transported into the future by a time machine that hasnt been invented yet.
Check that shit!

Get smart......

Sometimes on the way to my local shop which is quite literally 4 doors away from my own, i get accosted by one of the local homeless guys. Sometimes there are three of them at periodic stops along the route and i get asked by all of them to spare 75p for a beer/ food/ chips/ a bed for the night. Sometimes they dont even give me a tangible.
Sometimes they ask me on my way into the shop and sometimes they ask me on my way out. Sometimes they ask me both before and after.
One of them is lovely and polite. Simon looked into his eyes the other night and it made him feel sad.
Two of them are angry and agressive and verging on abusive.
Sometimes, rarely, i give a few pence.
Ive only ever given to the one who is lovely and polite.
'At least he wishes you a good evening' we've been heard to say.
Thanking us for acknowledging his request even if we dont help him out.
Sometimes i cant understand how he can be so polite, in spite of it all.
Sometimes i think that we're stupid.
Sometimes if wonder if he's clever.