We go down in flames

Sometimes it feels like we are. Just for a second. Thankfully these days its only ever just a spark.......

Black and white and read.......all over

Newspapers of course. I dont care what they're saying. I hardly notice half the time. Whatever the climate there are always those inches to view day in day. I just look at the pictures.

I was on crutches for a month - it was rubbish

Exit 3............

My pitch, through Lo-tec, for the artwork for Exit 3 - An exhibition of work by two of Sheffields most promising emerging silversmiths, Sarah Denny and Rebecca Joselyn.

In the end they went with a different image, but i was pleased with mine, and thus its here. Links below for the final image they chose and to individual websites.




Forget hedonism, i rekon this is more appropriate for many people ive met, if you know what i mean.

What credit crunch?


The thing is yeah, i really did think i would be able to by now. All of my friends dads used to have beauties back in the 70s/ 80s, and yet none of us have inherited the tache gene. Gutted.

Matches are fucking cool............yeah

They are just cool though arent they. Way cooler than a lighter even if its a zippo. Fo' sure. An ode then, to the match.