As well as making it onto the Little Chimp Society blog, ive just spotted that the PREIK have popped it on their blog as well. Always nice! Check the aforementioned guys out for more interesting art stuff!


Another great way of saying something to people whilst actually not saying anything. One day maybe there'l be a portable device for such a purpose. That would be handy.

We go down in flames

Sometimes it feels like we are. Just for a second. Thankfully these days its only ever just a spark.......

Black and white and read.......all over

Newspapers of course. I dont care what they're saying. I hardly notice half the time. Whatever the climate there are always those inches to view day in day. I just look at the pictures.

I was on crutches for a month - it was rubbish

Exit 3............

My pitch, through Lo-tec, for the artwork for Exit 3 - An exhibition of work by two of Sheffields most promising emerging silversmiths, Sarah Denny and Rebecca Joselyn.

In the end they went with a different image, but i was pleased with mine, and thus its here. Links below for the final image they chose and to individual websites.



Forget hedonism, i rekon this is more appropriate for many people ive met, if you know what i mean.

What credit crunch?


The thing is yeah, i really did think i would be able to by now. All of my friends dads used to have beauties back in the 70s/ 80s, and yet none of us have inherited the tache gene. Gutted.

Matches are fucking cool............yeah

They are just cool though arent they. Way cooler than a lighter even if its a zippo. Fo' sure. An ode then, to the match.

Noah's Ark

Noah's Ark in a storm, pre sending out the dove - ah the bible..........


A little sneak preview of a sketch and another new illustration.


Jay-z at Glastonbury? Eavis to announce him so he doesnt get too scared by the hippy audience? Old news now but i did post this up on the Lo-tec blog on the day i read that story......oops

A positive future

Totally forgot to post this here - my submission for the illustration brief 'A positive future'. Ok, it didnt win. But still, i was pleased with the outcome....

Thread for Artrocker

My latest illustration is now up on to accompany their latest album review - Third by Portishead. Thread is taken from a track on the new album of the same name. Exciting jah??!

Ok well

It has to be said that im more likely to update the Lo-tec blog than anything else but since the odd person may stumble across my own personal little page from time to time i felt i should update here also - and thus............