More drawings from work............

yep.............been busy

Hahaha - the olympics

Ok so the new olympic logo has arrived - honestly i dont mind it all, people say it will be dated by the time we get there? People have also said that they didnt want it to be a logo on a tshirt worn by middle aged men doing their gardenening after 2012? Thought id jump on this conversation bandwagon so i submitted above design on the London2012 website - maybe il make the gallery - in fact il be thoroughly disapointed if i dont, some of the others are baaaaaaaad!

funkduplondon - little piece about me and the jewellery i design and sell - makes me sound good.........its honestly not written by me either!!

and the folder...........

This was my new work folder. 4 weeks in, its battered, but i had sum sketches to show for it - top right is a unicorn being ridden by an orangutan courtesy of my girlfriends vivid imagination ( thanks sal!!) there will be a better drawing of this at some point - hopefully!

new drawings

Here's my profile picture, quickly and crudely animated. I like it tho!

Lo-tec with boxes

Here's an animated gif that i made for the Lo-tec myspace page. Me and the boys in the garden of our old house, in the summer. These pictures were featured in Icon magazine in Sept 2006


Welcome to my blog. There will be all sorts of stuff on here in future. Not sure what yet. Here goes